FAQ: Residencies


Questions about regular appearances throughout Chicago

I want to sing! How does this work?

YES! No sign-ups, no book, no problems! If you want to sing a song, just come right up and ask the host: they’ll get you set up right away. Not sure what to sing? Choose any song from our catalog of thousands or just ask your karaoke host: if we can get it, we will!

Actually, speaking of our song list: our primary supplier is Karafun, who provides us with music, lyrics, and licensing for over 40,000 tracks at the time of this writing. We also use tracks from a number of other licensed suppliers, but due to copyright and licensing we won’t be able to use YouTube tracks or songs you provide: sorry!

I want to sing more! How do I make that happen?

We hear you! Here are some insider tips and tricks to maximize your time with us:

  • Get here early! Most of our residencies start at a slow time of the night. The earlier you get here, the more you can sing!
  • Put in your next song as soon as you’re done singing. It’s first-come, first-served– even for regulars– so get that next one in right away!
  • It’s okay to put your name in even if you’re not 100% sure of the song you want to sing. It’s totally fine to change your mind: just be sure you request your new song at least two singers before your turn so we can make sure it’s ready to go for you.
  • Let us know you’re coming! We’re happy to reserve tables at our residencies for regulars, and we’ll even save spots in the rotation if you check in ahead of time.
Do you not have the song or do you really NOT have the song?

We really don’t! Honestly, our founder and karaoke host Eamon loves Hanson, so if you want to sing it, we want to hear it! If we don’t have the song, we’ll try to get it– and if we can’t get it, it’s because it doesn’t exist or there’s some legal issue involved.

It’s my friend’s birthday/anniversary/special event!

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Let us know as soon as you arrive and we’ll plan for a little something special for them, time permitting. We can’t bump you or them up the list, though– we want everyone to have a good time!

What the heck? Someone walked in after me and they’re higher on the list!

Just one time, we swear! We sometimes move new singers up a couple spots to get them in the mix; after that it’s first-come first-served as always. And in the last hour of our shows, we don’t bump people up. Period.

Here’s a $20. Bump me up the list!

Sorry, we don’t do that. No offense to those karaoke hosts who do, but we adhere to a first-come, first-served policy.

Whatever. Here’s a $50. Bump me up the list.

Ugh. Seriously, we’ve had to turn down tips as high as $200. Don’t be that person.

That said, if you want to pay someone else to switch songs, that’s your business. Only one song in the list at a time per singer no matter what, though.

I didn’t get to sing!

I promise, we’re as sad about it as you are! We want everyone to sing as many songs as they can, but our venues do have a hard cut-off. Our hosts always read off the names of upcoming singers for the last hour of our shows, so if you want to squeeze in a song at the last minute, please listen to the host, watch the screen for your name, and above all please stay in the room! If you’re not there when we call your name we’ll have to bump your name down so others who are ready to sing can get their chance.

Even if we can’t get to your particular song, you’ll still have a chance to sing at the end of the night! Our hosts always close the night with a group song that everyone can sing along to. Don’t be shy– join us!

So… “Sweet Transvestite”?

Yeah. We struggle with this one. It’s problematic, and absolutely antiquated, but for a huge number of folks Rocky Horror Picture Show was their first introduction to any non-hetero identity and we’re uncomfortable erasing that. And so it remains in the catalog. Don’t be surprised if your KJ has something to say about it on the mic, though! (And as always we’re open to your thoughts.)

What’s the deal with R.Kelly?