FAQ: Private Parties

Private Parties

Questions about throwing a birthday party, house party, office party or any other kind of karaoke night

I’d love to book a karaoke party at my office or favorite bar! What’s your pricing?

Hooray! Our typical rates start at $350 for two hours, which includes a dedicated host, audio, lighting, and special effects. There are no hidden fees: setup, teardown, and everything in-between is included in your pricing. We’ll talk directly to the manager at your location and make all the arrangements for you: all you’ll need to do is get your song list ready!
Contact us at info@popupkaraoke.com to get a proper quote and plan the perfect party!

Actually, how about a karaoke party at my place?

Absolutely! We have setups for any space, whether that’s a one-bedroom apartment or an expansive single-family home! Our typical rates start at $350 plus a $100 private residence fee– setup, teardown, transportation, and equipment included.
Contact us at info@popupkaraoke.com for a quote!

Hear me out. I want to party on a boat/in the street/on a plane/somewhere crazy.

Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuup. We specialize in events in strange places (and have already covered 3 out of 4 places in the question, in case you were wondering). We have several setups to fit your craziest whim, including entirely battery-powered rigs that’ll go darn near anywhere. Contact us at info@popupkaraoke.com to discuss– and we give discounts for weird!

Oof. A private party sounds so fun but I can’t afford a fancy place!

Here’s a great option for the budget-minded: early open! We can open up to three hours early at any of our residencies just for you and your friends for half the typical private party price*, starting at just $75/hr all-included! Contact us at info@popupkaraoke.com for details and available dates.
* Some venues may charge a nominal room fee at peak times. Inquire for details!

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