Assistive technology and sound

Assistive technology and sound

November 8, 2019 0

Assistive technology

For those who are hard of hearing, most of our setups have the ability to broadcast sound directly to a hearing device via a standard 1/8″ jack on our wireless in-ear monitor bodypacks. It’s best to ask before the show so we can ensure we have a bodypack available for you, but if you’re having difficulty hearing, don’t hesitate to text us during the show at 773-769-7464 and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

If you have vision issues, we can make a number of changes to the screen to make the lyrics easier to read, including increasing the contrast and raising or lowering the monitor height. Just ask!

Overall sound levels

Obviously this is karaoke, so we can’t entirely control our singers’ volume, but we do our best to tamp down any amplification over a certain level. If the overall sound level is a problem for you, we can provide individually-packaged foam ear plugs available upon request. Also, we display upcoming singers at the top of our screens; if a particular song is just too much for you, we won’t mind at all if you leave the room and come back when your song is ready to go.